What products can I use as a vegan?

All our products are vegan except 24H antiage dry and normal skin containing beeswax.


How do you recommend using the 24H anti-age creams?

Used both morning and evening, you do not need much for the whole face, but take a click of a fingertip and warm it between your fingers. Then it melts and reaches the whole face.


If I have both aloe vera Moisturazing and 24H anti-age cream, which one should I put on first?

First take the Aloe vera moisturazing and let it sink in, then the 24H anti-age cream.


Why use Eye/Face serum?

The serum causes the creams you put on afterwards to go down into the skin in depth, and you get a better effect.


Why use both Eye/Face serum and eye cream?

The same applies here, when you smear the Eye/Face serum and put on the eye cream, you get a better effect from the eye cream.


How should I know which 24H anti-age cream is best for me for Dry skin or Normal skin?

If you have mixed skin but not dry, then normal is the best fit. But dry skin requires a little more moisture and fat. We also have a package of both creams for a reduced price, so you can try what you think. Then you can also use it for dry skin for the night and for normal skin during the day.


Why use a special Cleanser to wash your face with?

Firstly, you don't have to rub your eyes and face a lot, you just moisten your face and lubricate with cleanser and water. For example, if you use soap, you dry out the skin.


Why use peeling and masking?

The peeling removes dead skin cells, the skin cells are constantly renewed. When you are young about 2 times a month and in average age 1 time a month.

If you do not help the skin with peeling, the risk is that the layer of dead skin cells becomes so thick that it blocks the skin and clogs the pores. When the pores are clogged, blackheads are formed. if you get a too thick layer of dead skin cells, your skincare products will also find it harder to reach through to the deeper layers of skin.

Mask is both a cleaning that penetrates down into the depths of the pores and also reduces pore size, it also provides a lot of moisture used 1 to 2 times a week


Rich crème says it is moisturizing and good for dry skin, but also that it can help with eczema, chicken skin and psoriasis. How many times should you lubricate yourself to have an effect?

If you are going to lubricate the body, it can be good to lubricate after the shower as you are still a little moist on the skin. And then lubricate in the places you have, for example, psoriasis a couple of times a day. But important to have an effect is to lubricate often at the beginning, until you see that it is useful. For example, if it is on hands that you wash often so every time you have washed your hands at the beginning.
It takes a couple of weeks before you notice the effect.