Review from Ekoappen about our Golden home spa kit,

"The ultimate spa experience"

About the home spa: With these five products, you have everything you need for your very own spa experience at home! This kit contains:Golden Face Cleanser anti-age, Golden Face Peeling anti-age, Golden Face Mask anti-age, Golden Aloevera Moisturizing and Golden 24H Anti-age Face cream Normal skin.

Beauty Panel Review: 

Five incredible products! And they all serve an important purpose, of course! By using the cleanser first, the dirt on your skin is removed and you get a clean face ready for what's to come with the other products. Then exfoliate away the dead skin cells to apply a lovely face mask. Let's talk about the face mask, it acts as a cleaning patrol and the skin feels so clean and tidy! Then move on to the moisturizing gel which tightens up the face properly with a cooling effect and finish with a wonderful anti-age cream. This cream deeply moisturises and the skin feels incredibly soft.

If you like a result that you can not only feel but also see clearly, then this is the right spa kit for you! This is pure luxury and the products are ten-pointers, both together but also as individual products. Thanks to MyAroma Naturals for making this home kit!


Review from Ekoappen about our Golden kit for dry skin,

Golden 24H anti-aging face cream dry skin and Golden eye cream anti-age

Beauty Panel Review:

"Quick and noticeable results!"

Let's be honest, our expectations of MyAroma Naturals products are always high - and once again, the products have lived up to them! The face cream for dry skin becomes more like an oil after you warm it between your hands and it's super easy to apply to your face. One woman on the panel who has problems, mainly during the winter months, with her dry skin, has experienced a big difference to how her skin used to be with a couple of weeks of regular use of this face kit. "It's always been a struggle when winter starts to creep up and I know my dry skin is going to crack... But this year I've had such a hydrated and glowing face!". And that's probably because of the incredible ingredient list including spirulina, natural hyaluronic acid and glycerin! It's also anti-ageing, and it's never too early to start so it really is suitable for all ages. The scent is soft and lovely lavender... In other words, it's not fragrance-free, but even for the most fragrance-sensitive, this was a delight for the olfactory sense.

The eye cream melts nicely and quickly into the skin, and the beauty panel found that the dark circles that used to appear have diminished significantly after regular use. There's a pump feature that releases the perfect amount of product at a squeeze, which probably contributes to its dryness. The beauty panel can't praise these products enough - and they definitely deserve it!

Review from Ekoappen about our Golden Acne kit, Golden aloevera moisturizing face gel and Golden face cleanser 

Who is the subject?
The test person describes her skin as "terrible" and it has been a nightmare for her with her skin over the years. The woman is 50 years old and has acne-prone skin, with scarring, rosacea and dermatitis and her skin is now dry due to menopausal changes. She is also allergic to synthetic perfumes.

Beauty panel review:
"- I'm a tough customer but I can honestly say that I really like the products from MyAroma Naturals" says our test person! What a great rating. She goes on to talk about the golden face cleanser anti-age, she describes it as very gentle, soothing and helps to calm inflammation. It makes a nice lather that is very gentle and definitely does not contain any harsh surfactants. She finds it easy to wash off and her skin feels moisturised afterwards. She uses the cleanser morning and night and it has helped to regulate the dry skin on her face. 

The moisturising gel is very refreshing, it's really like jelly, she describes. The gel definitely has a lot of cooling aloe vera in it and it's just pure luxury. At first use, she found the peppermint scent a bit exhausting and she was worried she might react to it... but after a few days she got used to it and hasn't had any problems at all. The peppermint really wakes up the skin and makes it feel fresh. As advertised, the gel does not leave the skin sticky. It's also not greasy and doesn't interfere with your hair style with stickiness or anything else. It sits perfectly under powder foundation and eyeshadow and actually seems to help make makeup more stable and long-lasting.

She uses the gel every morning and leaves it on her skin all day. It feels amazing and it definitely makes her skin look tighter and younger. "People have commented on this which makes me really happy" she exclaims happily. She goes on to say that one of the finer wrinkles around her eyes has disappeared completely! The reviewer gives a great and summarizing final quote, "- I'm really impressed with Myaroma Naturals. I really recommend them!".


Review from Ekoappen about our Golden Eye/Face serum

Beauty panel review:
This serum gives a fantastic effect, it moisturizes and gives the skin an incredibly nice glow! As an added bonus, it is a stylish bottle that brightens the interior of the bathroom, both the outside and the inside impress thus. Golden Eye & Face serum contains hyaluronic acid, various algae and vitamin E which makes it give a very good effect on a more aged skin. This product also works on a more sensitive skin type that you can advantageously use as it contains aloe vera and it is a big favorite when it comes to ingredients in skin care. Aloe Vera binds moisture while soothing the skin!

MyAroma Naturals Golden Eye & Face serum gives a luxurious feeling right through! It's a cool and lovely sensation that leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth. One more surprising feature that this product has is that the bottle is "airless", which means it is airtight. Very positive as the contents are protected as they are not exposed to oxygen and therefore the product lasts better! The whole product feels well thought out and all the ingredients together make magic!

 Review from The Eco App about our Golden Face Mask

"Luxury right through!"

Only the jar itself radiates luxury and it is incredibly beautiful to have in front of the bathroom, you want everyone to see that you have such a nice face mask in your possession! There is no doubt that the outer of the jar is exclusive in the panel. But is the interior just as luxurious and does the product keep what it promises? The answer is a clear yes! It smoothly pulls the skin together, reduces blackheads and after 15 minutes of use, Golden Face Mask leaves a moisturized skin full of luster. A person from the panel with acne-prone skin advises that this works great for acne.

The face mask lasts super long as it only needs a little of the product to cover the whole face. A real beauty junkie gives a minus for not including a spatula to apply the product - hopefully you have one at home already that you can use! The scent is mild and just right, it doesn't overpower but it's there. Absolutely perfect!



24H is a very comfortable anti-age cream that moisturizes the skin perfectly. Even my dry, scaly skin will be soft and nice. It is dry and easy to apply it melts quite easily. In summary, it's the best face cream I've ever had.



Love all face products but also rich crème. Comfortable to use, good products good for dry and sensitive skin, use at least 2-3 times a day. I am 45 years old, can feel/think that the products reduce wrinkles/stopps up. I think it's a shame I didn't start earlier. Use your products by far the most - worth every penny.

Aloe Veran is absolutely wonderful, super nice to use and in the order recommended. Also uses aloe vera on the body. Had stress rashes that disappeared with antibiotics. Many creams worsened the problem but myaroma products were kind. Love everything for the body too.



I have been using the eye cream and 24H for normal skin for 6 months now and am extremely satisfied, I look a lot fresher than I did before I started using these! Really recommend! 




I would like to praise you for fast delivery and fantastic products! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I'm so happy, and my skin has never been this good. / Mvh



I use the anti-age cream every day, quickly enter the skin and feels soft and comfortable, aloe vera moisturizer, eye/face serum and Eye cream are also great, I use them all the time!



I've just started on 24h normal skin and I really like it !



Thanks for the quick help:-) I am so glad that your creams are on sale again because I have missed them.



Had "chicken skin" on my arms, after using Golden Rich Creme and shower gel for a few weeks, it's now gone!



Me and even my second eldest daughter who tested love the products. Love the scent of rich creme bodylotion, is magical.

The 24 H cream wow! The eye cream and serum really nice love them! And the aloe vera moisturizer it's above expectations. Not at all a sticky feeling that you can get from aloe and wonderful scent!

Super happy.



MyAroma cleanser is great! That and the anti-age cream I'm going to order more of.



The anti-age cream is a very comfortable cream that moisturizes the skin perfectly. Even my dry, scaly skin has been soft and nice. It lasts a long time and is easy to apply. The disadvantages are that it has a gold color from the dunaliella algae, but you get used to it, and  it melts easily in to the skin.

In summary, it's the best face cream I've ever had.



I can't live without these products. My skin breaks and peels off cancer medication so I have to lubricate a lot and it helps. 

I eat a medicine with a known effect on the skin (which is still positive as it is proof that the medicine works). I've had cortisone cream prescribed but i'm a little afraid to use it. The cuticles got hard and then more and more sore, around one of the nails I got bad infection. I used Golden Rich cream Spirulina several times/day and before bedtime. After about a month, the cuticles were whole. This cream is now my hand cream. 

The skin became extremely dry and peeled and itchy, the clothes became completely white dotted on the inside. The skin felt hard and in some places it wrinkled. I got little foul-red rashes with a center core of varnish-like content. They sometimes came very many, sometimes a few. But new every day. Started using Golden Shower Gel in the shower. The rash that was the worst and covered the entire back of the upper arms is gone, the scares are left but are fading away. A single rash may come, but the difference is huge.

The skin is now soft and the peeling minimal. I also think the wrinkles are less prominent now. I lubricate the skin twice a day. I have ordered new creams approximately every month for 3 months. 



I use the anti-age cream is very happy with it.  



Have used MyAroma Naturals Face Peeling, it is the best I have ever used, I will never replace it. And it smells delicious, too.