MyAroma Naturals

The Golden Anti-Aging Company

We hope to be your obvious choice for natural, organic & vegan skincare

My Aroma Naturals is organic skin care with amazing anti-aging properties.
Organic and natural skincare that nourishes your skin and gives it a glow that you can see and feel. 

We are the Swedish company, which through research and development in Sweden, Greece and Spain, manufactures skin care products inspired by the amazing plants, herbs and algae of the Mediterranean Sea. Counteracting ageing with carefully selected ingredients used since ancient times in the time of Aphrodite, to heal the body. Suitable for all ages. Skin care products that are organic, natural and vegan.

All products are eco-certified.  Most products are in airless bottles to avoid preservatives. All so that you as a customer get the best from nature.

We want to spread knowledge and at the same time help our customers find clean products. Therefore, we offer natural products with organic content, which have huge anti-aging properties. This with great care to you as a consumer.




In the Mediterranean environment you will find some of the best raw materials for the skin, here grow lots of nourishing and healing plants.  The oils from Crete have amazing properties on the skin. Since the Middle Ages, the Greeks have kept many secrets to a youthful and healthy skin. These secrets have been collected in the wonderful products. As a basis for our products, we use plants and herbs that only grow in Crete. Together with these herbs we also use microalgae. The products are entirely handmade and carefully developed. There is a lot of consideration behind the manufacture of each product, so that they all become of the highest quality.



You can rest assured that all MyAroma Natural skincare products are natural with organic ingredients.  MyAroma Naturals symbolizes a natural and ecological choice, with products that are proven good for the skin. We offer a range of facial and body products that contain high levels of nutrition and vitamins. The products are edifying for both your skin and your health. All so that you can complete your collection of nurturing, natural beauty products at home. Our range is completely free of chemicals, synthetic and toxic additives and helps your skin regain its natural balance.

MyAroma Naturals is a healthy and sustainable alternative when choosing skin care.  


Some chemicals from your skin and hair care products go directly through your skin into your body. The rest is rinsed off in a shower and sink when you wash. Keep in mind that creams and, among other things, facial cleansing go straight down the drain. It's washed away, but that doesn't mean it's going away. On the contrary. Chemicals are unnatural substances that in many cases are not biodegradable. Substances such as EDTA & Triclosan that you find in your soaps, creams, deodorants and toothpastes do not stick to the active carbon filter in the treatment plants and can thus also end up in our drinking water. The chemicals remain in the water cycle. This water you drink every day. This is not sustainable either for you or the environment. MyAroma Naturals cares for your health, in more ways than one. We also want to reduce chemicals in our cycle by providing information about and offering skin care made from renewable ingredients and degradable ingredients. Together we make a big difference.



We work to reduce chemicals from beauty products in the sea and water. This is by raising awareness and offering a non-harmful alternative.


By using only natural ingredients in our products, we contribute to a better environment. All substances in our products are renewable and biodegradable.


In order to further protect the environment and also save on the earth's trees, we have chosen to deliver our products without paper packaging.

Against Animal Testing

At MyAroma Naturals, nothing is tested on animals and all products are vegan. (1 product contains beeswax).


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