Natural Anti-aging creams

What happens to the skin over time

Fat production decreases with age and the skin can be perceived as drier. It is particularly important for dry skin to compensate for this loss with a nourishing moisturiser. The older we get, the slower the cell renewal process, which is why we can experience a loss of radiance. Our Golden 24h Antiaging Face Cream effectively counteracts dry skin which is a major cause of wrinkles. The natural ingredients also boost the skin with nourishment and radiance. The skin is left smooth and deeply moisturized. Ideal for use in dry environments and climates. Especially in Scandinavia, it is important to moisturise the delicate skin on the face and protect it from the cold.

Nourishing the skin

The cream contains hyaluronic acid, microalgae such as spirulina and dunaliella, all of which have strong anti-aging properties. Organic, natural and vegan ingredients that improve skin elasticity and renew the skin.

Benefits of choosing natural ingredients

There are thousands of anti-aging creams on the market today to choose from. Behind each anti-aging product lies a lot of work, studies and tests. After all, you want to slow down the skin's natural process - ageing. The list of ingredients on anti-aging products is often long and difficult to pronounce. Among these substances, some are natural and some are far from it. Many products market themselves as natural but contain foreign chemicals. We urge you to always read carefully on the back of the product what it contains. It is then important to be able to distinguish which substances are harmful and which are not.

Ethylhexyl Palmitate and Sorbitan Oleate are two common substances in anti-ageing creams that are linked to organ toxicity, allergies and skin irritation. Mineral oil is also commonly found in skin care products. These block the pores of the skin and increase the risk of allergies, skin rashes and even tumours. They have been linked to liver and kidney damage. Mineral oil is made from crude oil just like the oil you use in your car engine. It is then used in skin care products because of its viscosity. However, this substance destroys the skin's natural ability to eliminate toxins. Mineral oil can be disguised under different names.

Remember that a lot of substances are downright harmful to your skin. A very common substance in anti-aging products is alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which are supposed to help reduce wrinkles and remove lines. This comes at a very high price. This acid robs the skin surface of its outermost protective layer, which otherwise absorbs long-wave ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. The skin is thus left very vulnerable to sun damage but also to dangerous toxins. AHAs increase the risk of a dangerous skin cancer called malignant melanoma. Bisabolol is another chemical that strips the skin surface of its outermost protective layer. The effect of this chemical is even more serious because it is also a penetration enhancer, which means it increases the absorption of cosmetic ingredients through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Today's anti-aging products contain everything from highly toxic flowers (nerium) to genetically modified ingredients. Be aware that the safety of these substances has not been adequately studied. The list of new anti-aging substances is long and growing as companies develop new ways to prevent wrinkles.

There is a risk that you are rubbing these substances into your skin on a daily basis. They can cause serious problems and/or diseases. If you want to avoid them, MyAroma Naturals products are a good choice. This is because much of what you put on your skin will get into your body. It only takes 26 seconds for harsh chemicals to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin.